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Installation and Update

Install Combrite normally as any other Joomla extension.

To update Combrite use Joomla Extension updater or just install a new version over the old one.

To uninstall Combrite use provided uninstaller in Joomla Extension Manager. Use package uninstaller, do not uninstall component and plugin separatelly.

Why some events are not found?

If event is:

  • private
  • in "test" category

Eventbrite is not including it in public search. That means it's not available to search trough API either so Combrite cannot find it. You need to make your event public (at least for some time) so Combrite search can pick it up, make article and then you can make it private again.

How to customize template used for article creation?

Templates are stored in /media/com_brite/templates folder. Each template is consited of HTML and CSS file. The default template for a new installations after Combrite 1.5 is "slim" template. For updates, "default" template is the default. During article creation HTML file is used for layout and values are injected. The result is content of the article with plugin code already inserted. When article is rendered, plugin inject the proper CSS and render map and ticket widget.

The values that can be used in templates are:


Please note that those codes are replaced with actual values during the creation of the article, not during rendering. This means that any change in the event on Eventbrite will not be inluded in the article. If that happens, please re-create the article.

If you want to create your own template, just create one HTML and one CSS file, give them the same name and enter that name in the "Template name" parameter in the Combrite settings.

The Map

The map is generated by plugin based on information in the plugin code and the settings. Map is always 100% wide and height is controlled by "Map ratio" parameter in the settings.

The Ticket Widget

The ticket widget is generated by plugin based on information in the plugin code. It's rendered in iframe so it's impossible to make it responsive. That's why you can override height of the ticket widget in the widget code. Combrite tries to guess best height but if the ticket has the description, the guess will be wrong.

Prior Combrite 1.5, ticket widget plugin code looked like this:

{combrite_tickets 473875375;1}

where first number is event ID and second number is number of tickets so plugin can calculate the height.

In versions 1.5+, ticket widget code looks a little bit different:

{combrite_tickets 473875375;100px}

The second parameter is actual height of the widget in pixes and it can be easily adjusted per event. If you want old articles to work with the new system, just add "px" after the number.

Please note that if you use old template with the new system, it may lead to weird results. If you modified your template, please adjust it to use {NUMBER_OF_TICKETS}px, instead of {TICKET_WIDGET_HEIGHT} in ticket widget code creation.

Options on Joomla 2.5

Due some incompatibilities, Options on Joomla 2.5 open in new tab rather than modal.

This cause that "Save and Close" and "Cancel" button are not working. When you finish with options, just click on "Save" button and close the tab.

What languages are available?

For now, English and Italian languages are available. If you are willing to translate Combrite to your language, translate these files:

  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.com_brite.ini
  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.com_brite.sys.ini
  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.plg_content_combrite.ini
  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.plg_content_combrite.sys.ini

and change language code in their names accordingly. Then you can send them to us and we will include it in next release of Combrite with your credits of course.


  • Roberto Caviglia (Italian)



Eventbrite changed their API in July 2015. This caused a lot of changes in how Combrite is working. This means that some features needed to be removed:

  • API doesn't allow that some keywords are excluded from the seach so LNOT will not work anymore.
  • Pagination cannot be configured and it's fixed on 50. This is causing slower loading of page with results from search.
  • Venue cannot be linked anymore, API doesn't provide any venue link.

Of course, biggest change was complete change of how we work with Evenbrite API. While workin on that, we added quite a few new features as well:

  • There is new template called "slim" which is much cleaner than the old default template. Slim is default template for new installations.
  • Map is responsive. There is no option for selecting width and height of the map. Map is always 100% width and proportions of the map is configured in the settings.
  • Format of the date is taken from the Joomla default date format (from the language file).
  • Widget is now also adaptive. Instead of having fixed width globaly, you can now change height of the widget individually for each event.
  • Italian language is added.


  • Combrite is now usign Joomla's autoupdate
  • Few minor bug fixes


  • Changed icons to text for support and help
  • In case of common error (allow_url_fopen) warning is displayed
  • Fixed: wrong quote type in installer
  • Joomla 3 compatibility fixes
  • Removed empty index.html files (not needed anymore)
  • Fixed: JFactory::getValue compatibility issue
  • Plugin installer is now in update mode
  • Icon renamed so there is no more conflict with VirtueMart icons


  • Initial release

What licence Combrite use?

Combrite is released under the GPL V3 License, fully following GPL and Joomla! license rules:

  • no limits on number of installs
  • no limits on number of domains on wich you can install
  • no extra fees to remove disclaimer
  • no domain limits support

You can check the gpl v3 license here.


Support is provided via email support AT combrite.com. We try to answer withing 24h, Monday till Friday.