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Why some events are not found?

If event is:

  • private
  • in "test" category

Eventbrite is not including it in public search. That means it's not available to search trough API either so Combrite cannot find it. You need to make your event public (at least for some time) so Combrite search can pick it up, make article and then you can make it private again.

How to exclude some words from search?

By default minus sign "-" is used by Eventbrite to exclude keywords from search (like google does). But, since a lot of event titles have minus in their title (as a dash), this break searches for those kind of event titles. That's why we strip all "-" from search. If you want to exclude some words from search, please use "LNOT" (LogicalNot). It will be automatically replaced in search string with "-".
Why "LNOT" and not simple "NOT" you ask? Well, "not" is actual word and it can appear in event title so it will break search as well. That's why we opted for something that is not proper word as "LNOT".

What languages are available?

For now, only English is available. If you are willing to translate Combrite to your language, translate these files:

  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.com_brite.ini
  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.com_brite.sys.ini
  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.plg_content_combrite.ini
  • \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.plg_content_combrite.sys.ini

and change language code in their names accordingly. Then you can send them to us and we will include it in next release of Combrite with your credits of course.



  • Combrite is now usign Joomla's autoupdate
  • Few minor bug fixes


  • Changed icons to text for support and help
  • In case of common error (allow_url_fopen) warning is displayed
  • Fixed: wrong quote type in installer
  • Joomla 3 compatibility fixes
  • Removed empty index.html files (not needed anymore)
  • Fixed: JFactory::getValue compatibility issue
  • Plugin installer is now in update mode
  • Icon renamed so there is no more conflict with VirtueMart icons


  • Initial release

Event list is always empty

If for every search you get empty list or (from 1.3) you get this warning "We detected that 'allow_url_fopen' option in you php.ini is not enabled. Please contact your hosting provider and ask how this can be enabled on your system. If you need any futher help with this, please contact Combrite support." do just that :)

How to customize template used for article creation?

In \media\com_brite\templates\ there are two files, default.html and default.css. CSS file is injected in page by plugin when article created with Combrite is viewed. Default.html is plain HTML file that you can edit however you want. You can use following codes and they will be replaced by plugin with actuall information:


In default.html you will find codes that is used by plugin to insert ticketing widget and map. Please don't change anything in that string.

What licence Combrite use?

Combrite is released under the GPL V3 License, fully following GPL and Joomla! license rules:

  • no limits on number of installs
  • no limits on number of domains on wich you can install
  • no extra fees to remove disclaimer
  • no domain limits support

You can check the gpl v3 license here.